“All Night Sunlight Tan Company is the only 24 HOUR  TANNING salon in Fort Smith, and it’s also the most affordable and nicest!”

You (everyone) already know that there are quite a few tanning salons in Fort Smith, AR. You also know that we are a brand new company (started locally from scratch), and haven’t been open very long. You may have also just stumbled across this page, and just this second realized that we even existed! However, unless you’ve been told by one of our many new clients or were lucky enough to find us when we opened, you don’t know about how amazing our new salon is, how much cheaper we are in pricing (gotta build our clientele!) than all of our competitors, how we have level’s 1 – 4 tanning units, how we have a HP1000 Velocity High Pressure Super Bed, and just how convenient it is to be able to access, tan, upgrade levels and purchase top-shelf tanning product anytime day or night in just seconds!

Hands down, you will not find better facilities, beds, product and convenience for the price anywhere else in the river valley! Here, you no longer have to worry about making it to the tanning salon before closing, or trying to fit in a trip on the little precious free time you barely have during the day. With 24 hour tanning access, we are at your disposal day and night!

Considering that we are still running ridiculously discounted  –>Grand Opening Promos<–  for a bit longer, you also won’t find better deals. . . ANYWHERE! (Seriously, the deals are incredible)                                                                             Click This ^^

So, if you love to look your best year round, prefer to tan on your time rather than theirs, and love great results for incredible prices in a brand new, beautiful and relaxing facility, then you need to come in quick! Our prices will always be the most competitive in town, but these insane promotions will not be lasting much longer! Besides, why would you ever want to go somewhere to waist your money for far less?

Yeah, it’s a “no-brainer”, we know. 🙂

Make sure you stop by our facebook page, or come by and check out Elite 24 Health Club (Oh yeah, that awesome gym that is also 24 HOURS that we are connected to) for a tour of all our awesome facilities.

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